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Mucroid offers unmatched fleet management system that utilizes GPS, GSM and GPRS to give the client real time tracking via their mobile phone and web-based tracking system.

Mucrosafe lets you track your laptop or phone in real time. It uses the modern Triangulation of satelite, WiFi and GSM networks to let you know the exact location. You can also shutdown remotely, send a warning message and get reports on your email. The reports will include a photo snapshot of the person using it currently. Track your laptop today and prevent theft.

This system can track vehicles and assets all over the continent of Africa including position, speed and real time photo capture of interior or exterior of the vehicle.

Our cutting edge digital fuel meter helps the fleet owner monitor fuel consumption in real time thus detecting siphoning and fake-re-fueling.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]I had installed devices from ****** but I always lost more than 300 litres per trip. I was mad at fleet management companies but yours seem to quench my thirst for a good fuel management system[/quote]