mucroid cctv

Mucroid is a reliable supplier of High quality decisive camera device. With a wide range of spy cameras, you can record full High Definition video and audio from these devices with internal memory and a rechargeable battery in built into one package hard to tell from the original-purpose device.

Our wide range of spy cameras include;

  • Key Holder
key holder
Video Recording Key Holder

This key holder will record HD video and capture high definition photos. It has extendable memory of up to 16GB with an internal and rechargeable battery. Imagine where you can use this key holder! When you are recording a piece of evidence where you are not allowed to take videos with your camera, when someone promises you to do something and you wanna record that, when something tragic happens that you didn’t expect, as a journalist/reporter , you find an interesting scene to capture but you cant use your camera and above all, when you want to record a secret conversation or meeting that directly affects.




  • Watch Recorder
spy watch
MP#, Video, Photo watch

Amazing video and photo recorder. This spy wrist watch will capture everything in its perfect form from video to photos and above all, when you have nothing to capture, you will use it to listen to MP3. This spy watch records HD video in .avi format and clean photos so that no one will ever say: “no, i didn’t do it”, “that was not me” or plainly ” how can i say such”. You need this watch in everything you do. Imagine when you are hijacked, you just turn on the watch and record everything that happens. This is the most important information that the security will ask for.

  • Pen Recorder

You dont like putting on a wrist watch? Relax. This video recording pen will do exactly what the video recording watch can do. Use it as a normal flash disk, as a normal executive pen and as your secret/hidden camera. The Pen camera will record high quality video and capture clean photos for future analysis. This is the one thing you need and must have. Visit Mucroid without letting a single minute go because you never know when that scenario that needs it will occur.

  • Wall Clock recorder
  • Table clock recorder
  • Tie Recorder