mucroid cctv

Mucroid is a leading supplier and distributor of CCTV surveillance systems in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and wider East Africa. As the leading CCTV supplier and distributor Company in Kenya, Mucroid will offer quality, reliability and cost-friendly systems to a diverse clientele ranging from Banks, Shops, Churches, homesteads, restaurants, hotels etc. Mucroid CCTV security systems makes surveillance an easy taskMucroid has a long experience in CCTV installation in private, public, NGOs and individual homes. This has greatly changed the face of security in Africa and beyond. CCTV surveillance is becoming a common topic for security needs both at personal and organizational level. As a partner with the world’s best manufacturers we guarantee the quality of devices we supply and maintain. We have Dome, PTZ, miniature & camouflage, IR, CCD and Box cameras both wired and wireless with the highest resolutions (up to 750HTVL).

We can also integrate our CCTV systems with our alarms system (which sends notifications via SMS) to give you the ultimate security solution for your home and business.

Main features include:

  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Remote/Internet surveillance
  • Night vision/Motion detection
  • Multiple recording
  • 3G support
  • Up to 100fps and real time recording
  • Integration with alarm system
  • Up to 720 TVL cameras with long range view of up to 50 meters.


Modern technology provides equipment that enables remote surveillance over the internet. This advantage provides for installation of CCTV cameras in our premises to apprehend trespassers. This will also ensure your organization embraces technology in the execution of its operations in line with the objectives of Vision 2030.

Digital cameras enable real-time transmission of clear color images whose content is also actionable in real-time.