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We provide ultimate tools for Business automation to improve performance, efficiency and general throughput within your organization

Our Cloud Solutions are tailored for accessibility and Security of your information to ensure maximum availability and its privacy at all times…

We tell you how to use which technologies where and when to realize improved efficiency and performance  within your institution


The Best Dental Clinic Management System with 3D Toothcharts, chat, SMS, Cloud Backup, Insurance etc

Dental Management Solution

Pactill is a modern, touch friendly Point of Sale that automates operations in Supermarkets, hardware, pharmacies, Shops and other retail outlets

POS and Inventory Management

AutoPac ERP
This is a modern, mobile ready ERP solution with Accounting and Finance, Procurement, HR, CRM, Asset Management, Warehousing etc

ERP Solution

PacMed Hopsital Management System is a 360 degree interactive, scalable and efficient hospital management system aimed at automating hospital operations right from registration to billing.

Hospital Management Solution


Mucrodent completely changed the way we handled our Dental Clinic operations right from front desk to the operation rooms and to the finance. It gave us an easy time to focus on our core business as it handled all the rest!
Our operational efficiency rose with the introduction of the ERP Solution from Mucroid. We could process order faster, generate invoices and send to Customers easily and that was teh beginning of our success journey
Mr. Philip
CEO @Homes and Lifestyle
AutoPac ERP is the solution we had lacked in our business. We have several leakages within our workflows and the System helped us to monitor each level and stage of a sale and get feedback on Customer Satisfaction. We grew our revenues and increased on efficiency greatly
Ms Sally