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PacMed Hopsital Management System is a 360 degree interactive, scalable and efficient hospital management system  aimed at automating hospital operations right from registration to billing. It has a complete IPD module that handles all cases and operations for in patient. Has advanced billing mechanisms from drugs, lab and per day billing with flexible user customizations. PacMed has advanced patient module that handles relationships for family billing and keeps patient records clear in an easy to find interface with patient photo. What makes PacMed standout is its efficiency; it is designed to work over a network like it is on a single machine. The middle tier handles all requests o and from the server and sends response within a millisecond to ensure that the system remains superfast even on a network with many computers.


  • Helpdesk and service
  • Pharmacy
  • Registration
  • Electronic medical record
  • Laboratory
  • Billing and financial accounting
  • Integrated Document Management System
  • OPD & IPD Consulting
  • Maternity
  • Record of New Born
  • HR
  • Outpatient and inpatient management
  • User manager and other essential features needed for HMS
  • Ward Management
  • Theater module
  • Intelligent Diagnosis & Therapy
  • Auto-Error Recovery
  • Diseases DB
  • Auto BMI Calculation
  • Patient Photo
  • Clinical Sheet
  • Accounting Module
  • Reference Module

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