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Mucrodent is the most comprehensive and reliable Dental Hospital Management System. It can be used to manage a single dental clinic or a Dental Hospital with many clinics in different locations with real flexibility for patients to be served from any clinic and Dentists to see Patients in any clinic.

Mucrodent has a smooth user interface with 3D Tooth charts and color codes for different procedures. Has an intelligent diagnosis module that can intelligently correct wrong procedures on a tooth.

Mucrodent has an SMS module that reminds users of their appointments, balances and any other SMS that you may want to send. These messages are sent automatically from the system to users with adjustable settings on when to send appointment reminders and a minimum balance to remind via sms.

Mucrodent Chat module helps ease communication between dentists, hygienists and front desk. They can chat in real time and no need of dentists saying the common “Next Patient”, the system will say that on your behalf. It has pore recorded messages that the system will play for instance “Doctor Ready”, “Patient Ready”, “Need Assistance Please” etc and you can add as many as you want.

Mucrodent has an auto Backup module that backs up all data to a remote computer and on drop box so you don’t lose any record in case of a ‘natural disaster’.

Appointment Features

  • Support unlimited operatories and unlimited providers
  • Customizable views, colors, default values
  • Easy to set up and modify appointments, recalls
  • Show pop-up alerts, financial and medical notes


  • Send SMS reminders automatically to patients to remind/confirm appointments
  • Send balance/financial reminders
  • Keep track of all messages sent
  • Choose SMS recipients directly from the list of your patients

Automatic Backups

  • Backup all data automatically to a remote machine
  • Auto Backup Data to Drop Box

Chart Module

  • Easy to enter and organize patients' clinical information
  • Full featured 3D tooth charting
  • Track progress and treatment notes
  • Simple to write and printprescriptions
  • Rx Alerts: Crosslink Diseases to Rx definitions so that an alert is triggered for allergies, when writing an Rx.


  • Customizable and easy recall scheduling
  • Send letters and emails to patients
  • Email appointment reminders, recare appointments. Supports SMTP servers that require a user name and password for sending email. Allows saving email to send later.
  • Comprehensive billing system with e-claim support
  • E-claims: go through a clearinghouseto submit all e-claims or submit directly to carries that support the X12 files/claims. The X12 EDI Format is the standard defined by ASC (ex-ANSI) and specified by HIPAA. Open dental claims to be the only dental practice management software which natively creates X12 format files without having to go through a clearing house for conversion.
  • Track all referrals and lab cases
  • Lab Cases: Each lab can be set up with its own turnaround times on each procedure type. Due dates are calculated automatically, taking into account holidays.
  • Create and track payment plans
  • Mucrodent has built-in accounting that is intended to replace QuickBooksfor small offices.
  • Patient's finances are organized on a patient basis, not a family basis.
  • Credit Card Processing Integrated credit card processor with swipe terminal.

Family Module

  • Support complete patient records
  • When possible, fields are filled automatically or checked for potential errors
  • Save billing type and insurance information
  • Track student status and referrals
  • Track credit and contact notes
  • Sign Procedure Notes: Digital Signatures. Sign or initial procedure notes using a Topaz signature pad or by using a stylus on a touchscreen.
  • Patient Info Terminal: A way for a new patient to enter their own information from the waiting room. The receptionist controls the terminal from another computer. Can also be used to let patient update their info if it has changed. New patients can check off items in list of diseases.
  • Medical History Questionnaire: Customized list of questions and answers added to pt info terminal.


  • Create and send e-claims or paper claims
  • Billing automation
  • Audio and visual office intercom
  • Critical data backup
  • Flexible user-defined queries and reports
  • Track employees' hours and breaks
  • Support daily, weekly & monthly task lists
  • Built-in accounting module
  • Secure remote access
  • Language support: The code is all written to automatically adapt to the user's computer settings. The translations are specific to the culture (country), not just the language.
  • Time Cards: Customizable pay periods added so that you don't have enter the date range each time. Tracks 40 hour workweek, computes overtime, allows adjustments, and prints.
  • New Reporting Framework: The FLOSS RDL Projectis included with Mucrodent. It will also allow export to PDF.
  • Import from XML : This allows other programs to safely pass information to Mucrodent without having to worry about accidentally corrupting the database. This will eventually lead to the ability to 'send' a patient 'chart' to another office electronically. The main purpose for now is to allow new patients to fill out their forms online.
  • Multiple Server Support

Treatment Plan

  • Easy to view ' treatment plans
  • Support multiple treatment plans
  • Print or send electronically insurance preauthorization forms
  • Sends SMS automatically according to your configuration to remind patients of upcoming appointments or financial balances
  • Has an auto Backup feature which backs up all the information on our remote servers and on dropbox too so you never loose any record
  • Its fast and almost realtime! Work seemlessly on your Network
  • Easy Staff communication via realtime Chat
  • Queue management 
  • 3D Tooth Chart makes it easy to model the patients mouth, draw and even write notes anywhere
  • So much much more. Try Mucrodent today!

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